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H-Trust Security Integration DaemonMulti-platform daemon and client tools. Provides (depending on platform):
– Kerberos Authentication
– RACF Authentication
– RACF Extract & Update
– User ID mapping
– Remotely execute scripts and executable objects
– File copy utility with codepage translation between platforms
H-Trust Security Integration for EntireXKerberos Authentication and Resource Authorization for Software AG’s webMethods EntireX Broker ™
Includes Java support for Software AG’s webMehtods Integration Server, providing Kerberos authentication and single sign-on integration for the EntireX Adapter connection to z/OS EntireX Broker instances
H-Trust Kerberos APIAn interface module providing Kerberos services for integration into third party products or application modules. An easy to use interface allowing flexible authentication mechanisms to be built into products or applications3.1Released
H-Trust for Java
All services of the H-Trust Daemon on any platform can be accessed from Java3.1Released
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